Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Glitter Throwing Pt. 2-My name has Lee written all over it

Welcome to Random glitter throwing part 2. 
Even though I just did a random post, I needed to put together a post so please do forgive me for my lack of creativity.

What would a post be without Lee Pace in it?xD

I just about died when I saw this.
What do people know about fedoras and don't they know who wears them?

Nobody can say "no fedoras" in good conscience. xD
The fact that Patrick looks too perfect in them is real.
I still need to print this picture.
If you dare say Pat looks bad it Fedoras, your telling a big boldface lie.

I can't tell you how much I can relate to these teenage posts.

Hair is so hard.
No but this is exactly what happens with my hair.xD

There are so many things that apply to this gif of Jack Sparrow. 
Here are a few: 
The moment I see a dog. (run toward the thing asap)
When I see a spider.(run for dear life)
When I see sugar.(GIVE IT NOW)
When I see a picture of Lee pace.
When I see a picture of Patrick Stump in his glasses, Fedora, smiling like he dose etc.

I shouldn't find this as hilarious as I do but it looks like what Leggy is saying.
You can't deny it.


Yesterday was a very important day.
My friend pointed something out to me.
Look at my name.


You see it??


I died when I realized this.


So, if you will, please call me Lee.xD

I will try to get a more interesting, worth reading post up soon.
Well,  hope you all have a great night.^_^


Monday, January 19, 2015

Random glitter throwing Pt.1-Eat glitter when your mad

Hello to the world.
I really don't have any amazing post ideas so...I really do think Random Glitter Throwing posts, are going to be my best friend on days like this.
"Random Glitter Throwing" simply means, THIS POST IS GOING TO BE VERY RANDOM.XD

Somebody needs to set this up in my house and everywhere I go so whenever I get furiously destructive, I can just break that box of glitter and roll around in it and eat it.xD

Fun Fact:
If you say green beans slow enough, if will sound like the word gullible.
Try it.


Did you just try it?
Phaaaha.*cough cough*
You just embarrassed yourself. I didn't do anything.xD
Haha, okay I'm sorry.

But here are some beautiful Lee gifs for you to fangirl over.

Somebody choke with me

Yeah, that was fun.xD

I want that tree on the cover of my book.
It is so pretty.

Can someone please show me how to paint this?

I just recently added an about me page to my pages bar at the top of my blog, so feel free to check that out if you want to learn more about me.=)

Sorry this wasn't a super great post but ya know...somedays are just harder to come up with posts than others.

Well, hope you all have a lovely day!^_^


Thursday, January 15, 2015

You Are Amazing and So Is Your Blog Award

I have been awarded by the wonderful Ellie over at On the other side of Reality and lovely Adi from over at The Halfing Writer for an award I made a few weeks back.You can visit Ellie's blog by clicking HERE and Adi's blog by clicking HERE.
Thank you both so much for nominating me. It means a lot.^-^

Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.
2. Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.
4. List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.
5. Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.
6. Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

Alright lets start with Ellie's questions:

1. Have you ever pushed on a door that says pull, or pulled on a door that says push?
Ummm....who hasn't done this...xD
Yes I have.

2. Have you ever accidentally locked yourself in a room?
don't think so...I've been locked in a room before by somebody else.
Who I'm still waiting to punch for doing it and that and it was like 9 years ago.

I love any socks that are fuzzy so yep!

4. Have you ever been in a public place, saw some statues, thought they were real people, and started talking to them whilst everyone around you sees this and thinks you're mentally unstable? ('Cause that's happened to me before. Twice.)
Nope, I'm gonna have to say that I haven't yet.xD

5. When you open your closet door, are you afraid that a black torrent of nothingness and despair will suck you down into an eternal torment from which there is no escape?
My closet doesn't have a door *the crowd gasps* but whenever its dark and I'm walking up the stairs I always feel like there is someone behind me ready to kill me.
*cough don't tell me you don't do this cough*

And now for the lovely Adi's questions:

1. Would you rather travel by plane or boat? Why?
Ugh, why this question? I'm terrified of boats because I scared It will sink and I afraid of planes cause they can crash over large bodies of water.
Nope, I'll just walk thank you very much.
Okay, Okay I'm not that afraid of either of these things
So, I do suppose I would rather take a plane.
And the reason being because It would be more comfortable and we would arrive to our destination quicker.

2. Any irrational fears? 
My dear Adi/twin.xD You are unknowingly torturing me with these questions about my fears.
I have a VERY irrational fear of spiders.
Other odd fears I have are of sharks, planes crashing over water, and sinking boats.
I think my chances of any one of you wanting to meet me just want to 0 after hearing my fears.=D

3. What's the thing you geek out about the most? 

4. Does anybody else love the feel of soft, thin pages in books or am I seriously alone in this matter? 
I love when books have soft, smooth pages.xD

5. Have you watched any Amazingphil videos? 
Dont kill me dear person.
I have not.
I'm on a break from Youtube so, that is the reason why.
But when I'm am off my break, I'm very much so planing on it.

6. Favorite article of clothing?
I like jeans, and cute shorter dresses or skirts...and socks...and big baggy confortable sweat shirts. 
I love narrowing things down as you can tell.xD

7. Do you know who Patrick Stump is? (Or have I been doing a terrible job on making sure everybody who reads my blog clearly knows who he is? xD)
Never heard of the guy. We must not be having enough "fangirl" conversations.xD
Okay, I'm lying. 
Yes I have heard of him.
And I like him. 
Thats a understatment.xD

8. How many electronic devices do you own?
At the moment I own two. 
My beautiful pink iPod names Taylor, and my handsome computer names Adam.
Yes, I named him after Adam young. Dose anyone else name there devices??
It's so funny how much the name Adam fits my computer.
I'll be talking to somebody and be like:
"Hey, do you know where Adam is?"
I'm not lying.xD

9. Be honest-About how many hours a day do you think you spend online?
Haven't counted but probable around 4 hours...sometimes more of less depending on the day.
I know its a lot but I'm planing on getting a life outside of my computer soon.

10. Do you still currently have Christmas decorations up in your household? (We do. xD)
We have on 4 inch tree left in my room.
Thats it, very sadly.
My mom made us take down our tree and decor like 3 days after Christmas, against my will.^_^

I am not going to be nominating anyone again sense I already nominated people when I created this award but, If you haven't received this award yet, feel free to nominate yourself and use Ellie's or Adi's questions.^_^

Thank you both again so much for nominating me! Have a wonderful rest of the day!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reasons To Enter The Fandom Of-Lee Pace-Part 1

I am starting a series. 
It is called: Reasons to enter the fandom of-blank.
Than I will fill in the blank with the name of the person I will be giving reasons why you should join the fandom. Haha this is gonna be so fun to do*cough cough*
Today our person is Lee Pace. *giggles*
I will give you 10 reasons why you should enter this fandom.

Reason 1. He acts as Thranduil in TH. So right there is a reason to like him without even trying to cause, everybody's gotta love Thranduil.<3

Reason 2. He giggles.

Reason 3. You makes the best iPod lock screen.

Reason 4. He has the most amazing smile.

Reason 5. I have no words.This picture explains itself.

Reason 6. He acts in a movie where he is willing to dye saving his dog from drowning and smiles in the process.

Reason 7. Lee will never disappoint anyone.

Reason 8. He makes tombstones look beautiful.Haha.xD

Reason 9. He makes a stunning elf.

Reason 10. When your having a bad day, Lee can always make you smile.xD
Ohh yeah that was so fun to do.
This gave me the chance to share all my Lee gifs . 
Adi, do this with all your pics of Lee. *cough cough*
Adam is next in line for this.xD

Hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you weren't in the Lee Pace fandom, I hope I just dragged you into the fandom, or put you on the right road to later enter the fandom.

Also, I'm planing on posting chapters of my book that I started writing on here in a few days.

Hope you have a great Saturday!^_^


Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to When I Dream

Hello! My name is Rylee David. 
You may already know me from my other blog, Picture Perfect AG.
I am a young teenage girl who enjoys being on the computer a lot and doing who knows what else. Okay thats not all I do...
I am working on finding a life.xD

Fun fact:
I get obsessed over things in a matter of minutes.
Obsessive compulsive disorder.
A few of my current obsessions include:

The Hobbit,

Owl City,

And Lee pace.

but my obsessions change like the wind. 
It wont take you make to drag me into a fandom.
Have fun with that.xD
I thought that starting a personal blog would be fun because as with my other blog, I am tied to blogging about one thing, where now that I have a personal blog, I can blog about whatever strikes me interesting or funny.
I can't exactly tell you what you will see on this blog, but I will be posting very random posts with absolutely no point to them.^_^
Hope you have a wonderful night!


I promise I will change the blog design okay? I was just having a hard time coming up with a cute one.