Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Bid You All The Fondest Farewell / Sometimes You...I Need To Let Go Of What I Love Most

Sometimes, you need to let go of what you love most.
Even when its hard.

Everything I love right now is falling apart.

Who I have become is crumbling because someone took out the foundation of my life.

I love you all more than you could ever imagine.

And if it were up to me, I wouldn't be saying this or doing this, but, life never seems to listen to what you want. 
It just dose whatever it wills and you have to try to play along.

I am leaving When I Dream.

I am leaving Picture Perfect AG.

I am leaving my Google+.

I am leaving everything.

And believe me, if it was my decision, I would stay.

I wanted to keep blogging for the rest of my life and continue building the friendships I have made till I die.

But that is not how it was meant to be for the time being.

But I am leaving and most likely will not be able to come back for months.

But when I am able, I will come back. I promise you that.

When I do come back, please don't expect me to be the same because I'm afraid I wont be. 
I will be different in a way...

Everything that I am now, is going to be broken down and burned.

I am so sorry for how I changed who I am to "fit in" to the blogger world.
I'm sorry that I have to leave.
I'm sorry for who I will be when I return.

Even though I have changed, I am not sorry for who I am.
For entering the blogging world 
And for becoming friends with you all.

Okay, so please don't freak out about what I just said about changing who I am.
I am still me. I am. I just changed me a bit to try to fit in a little better.
But my personality will always stay the same.

Thank you Adi, Kels, Ellie, Maddie and any of all my other loyal followers who have been such amazing friends.
I won't be able to communicate with any of you until I return and that just the way it has to be.

But I promise you, there will never be a day that I wont think of you all and cry my heart out because of how much I miss talking to you.

I am on the absolute edge of myself at the moment and I am trying to control myself from going mad with sadness.

I can not imagine what my life will look like without you all.

I don't want to.


But soon I will have to face the reality of life without you.

And just the thought of that is killing me.

But I love you all so much and will never, ever forget all that you have done for me and the support and comments and everything.

You all mean more to me then life.

And my words will never be able to express how much I will miss you and how messed up I will be (or am at the moment) when I leave.

I am dreading sighing my name at the bottom of the page.
I just can't do it.
So I will pretent I am ending a normal post and will soon be posting again.

So all you have to do it comment and tell me my pictures were lovely and you can't wait for my next post. ^_^

Somebody please send me help and unlimited hugs because I just can't bring myself to say goodbye.


Adi and Kels, the things you said to be yesterday were so encouraging and helpful.
And I will try to my utmost ability to live them out.
I know my life will turn around.
Thank you for reminding me of this and for being such sweet friends.


I am leaving on Friday, so this leaves you time to comment, E-mail me, message me or anything you want to do before I go.

I really don't want to say goodbye this way and leave while I'm bawling like a ninny.

So, please live a good life, smile and be happy for me, okay? =)

I bid you all the most found farewell in the world.

I love you all to the end of time and will miss you all more than you could ever know. 

With all my love and life,


Otherwise known as, Ry. =)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reasons to Join the Fandom of-OWL CITY/Adam Young-Pt 2

Hello Lovlies.
I'm very sorry I haven't posted in such a long time.
I'm finally getting round to doing another "Reasons to Join The Fandom Of".
I am doing someone super special.
Okay thanks for that.

Alrighty, let me go convince you why you should join the fandom of OC.
and show you how lovely he is.


1. The man can sing so beautifully.

2. He's cuter than a fluffy bunny with wittle fuzzy ears.
In other words, he is adorable.
thanks kels for picture.

3. His lovely sense of humor is priceless.
and for this

4. He's so sweet and has the most beautiful personality its just not fair to us. xD

5. He rocks out on stage so perfectly.

You getting it yet?

6. You can't help but love him to death. xD

7. He has so many wonderful facial expressions its not even funny.

8. He is perfect at everything he dose.
Examples below.

Okay, moving on.

9. The way he uses his hands.
Yep, keep going Adam, your priceless.

10. He has a song for every mood your in.
You can testify to this if you listen to his music.


Hope you enjoyed reading this.xD

Oh, and if you have anything funny to say, please comment and tell me cause I could use a good laugh/good news right now.
hasn't been my day.

Alrighty, have a lovely night!^_^