Friday, April 22, 2016

There isn't a Key


I'm locked in this cage
And I can't get away
Now I'm stuck here for life
Now I'm locked here in my grave
Watching my body decay 
Now I'm trapped in here for life

There is no key, No eternity to be that can open the gates of life to me
There is no secret word that can kill the all the pain and hurt 
And save me

Why is it that I have no nerves?
I cut myself but it doesn't hurt, is this normal?
As the blood trickles down my legs my voice starts to shake
And the earth quakes 

Can you tell me why I haven't cried in days? 
There is plenty of liquid in my veins
Can you tell my why when I close my eyes there isn't a light?
Or isn't there suppose to be?
Or is it just me?



Written by me



  1. this is beautiful, you have such an eye for photography. hope you're feeling okay love. <3